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Terms and Conditions for cruiseworldwide.travel

Schedule of Professionalism

cruiseworldwide.travel is owned and operated by International Destinations Pty Ltd as trustee for the Phil Hoffmann Unit Trust, trading as Phil Hoffmann Travel.

Phil Hoffmann Travel is a fully licensed accredited Travel Agent, a member of AFTA and for your protection, a contributing member of the Travel Compensation Fund. The professional services of the consultants are as indicated and are brought to your attention to advise the important charges now implemented within the travel industry.

Legal Contract

By sending us a booking request from this site, please be aware legal obligations arise and your right to any refund of monies charged to your credit card or paid in any other way agreed by us, are limited by our terms and conditions and by the conditions of the travel provider. You must not make any booking through this site unless you understand and agree all our terms and policies. Once payment is made for the booking, it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for the booking. If you have any queries please contact us before making any booking for any service.

Final Contract

The final contract is made when any payment is received. By making a payment to us it will be deemed that you will have read, fully understood and agreed all our terms and conditions and those of the supplier you will be travelling with.


In addition to any fees charged by airlines, wholesalers & suppliers, a cruiseworldwide.travel cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel before full payment a cancellation fee equal to your deposit and subsequent payments will be charged. After final payment, a cruiseworldwide.travel cancellation fee of 20% or $200 will apply, whichever is greater.


Payments must be received in full on or before the due date advised in your booking confirmation. If you do not pay the amounts on or before the due dates, the booking will be cancelled.

Payment options are: BPAY, Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Credit Card fees apply.

Reservation Deposit/Cancellation

The cruiseworldwide.travel Reservations Deposit is payable at the time the reservation is requested and is in addition to any deposits charged by the tour operator/airline or other travel supplier. The cruiseworldwide.travel Reservation Deposit is non-refundable BUT if you proceed with the booking the amount of the Reservation Deposit will be credited against the final amount payable. Upon cancellation, the Reservation Deposit is forfeited however can be held in suspension for 12 months.

If the cruiseworldwide.travel Reservation Deposit is not utilised within the 12 months, it will be deemed as cancellation of a booking. As per Travel Insurance conditions, cancellation costs may be claimed against your insurance policy, and accordingly, travel insurance is strongly recommended. A recommended Insurance Policy will be automatically included in your statement. If you choose not to effect our insurance, we will ask you to sign an indemnity declaration. Travel Insurance provides cover when the form is completed, signed and returned, the premium is paid and the policy issued, and so should be taken out as soon as any deposit or payment is made for maximum protection.


In the event that an accident, disaster or emergency is reported to have occurred in a country where I/we will or may be travelling. I/we authorise you to disclose to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade details of my/our itinerary (including without limitation, transport and accommodation arrangements) and my/our contact details within Australia and overseas. Please refer to www.smartraveller.gov.au for the important Top 10 Safe Travel Tips or refer to leaflet included in your final travel documentation. Other important informational websites are www.dfat.gov.au and www.tsa.gov/index.shtm


It is the responsibility of clients to ensure the following:

  • Names on passports or photo ID match exactly with names on itinerary.
  • Your travel consultant can advise you on passport and visa requirements, but it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with these regulations before travelling.
  • You must ensure your Australian passport has a validity of six months after your return date to Australia and advise us if you wish us to make any necessary visa application on your behalf. In the event that you are travelling to a country or countries which do not require a visa for Australian passport holders, you must tell us if you have been arrested or convicted in respect of any offence or breach of law. Non disclosure of this information may lead to your being refused entry on arrival in certain countries. In that event, we take no responsibility whatsoever. If you do not wish to disclose such information to us, then you must contact the embassy of each country of destination and make your own arrangements in regard to entry to that country.
  • If you hold a passport of any other nationality, it is your responsibility to check on visa, passport and re-entry requirements that apply. Our agents may be able to help and advise.

Other General Conditions

  • Special requests such as airline seating, aircraft type, non-smoking rooms, bedding configuration in hotels and cruise cabin location, are at the discretion of the operator. Whilst cruiseworldwide.travel will do our utmost to notify the operators of your special needs there is nil guarantee.
  • All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers.
  • By accepting the coupons, tickets and utilising our services, you agree that, apart from certain rights you have under the Trade Practises Act that we cannot alter, neither cruiseworldwide.travel nor any subsidiary company or representative shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage to you or your belongings or otherwise arising in any way out of our services to you.
  • All costs include GST.
  • Prices are subject to change until time of final payment
  • Prices may be subject to currency fluctuations
  • The supplier and airline refund process can consist of months of investigation, cruiseworldwide.travel will assist this process however does not take any responsibility for the length of time taken by them.
  • E.&O.E.
Reservation Deposit
Cabin Deposit
* In addition to deposits required by airlines, wholesalers and operators.

$200* per cabin
Ticketing Service Fees
Domestic economy class air/bus/train tickets
Domestic Business class air tickets
New Zealand air tickets
Non Commissionable air tickets
International air tickets
* In addition to fees charged by the operator

from $22* per sector
from $55* per sector
$50* per flight
12%* of airfare (excl taxes)
6%* of airfare (excl taxes)
Cruise booking
*After payment of a deposit and in addition to fees charged by airlines, wholesalers and operators.

$25* per amendment
Credit Card Fees
Visa, Bankcard, Mastercard and American Express
Diners Card

2% fee applies
3% fee applies
Visa/Entry Permits
It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary visas. If you require visa advice, cruiseworldwide.travel can assist you.
The name in your booking must be exactly the same as your passport. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of return into Australia.
USA - 1. Applicants with ANY drink-driving charges or any offences are advised to apply for a visa and not use the visa waiver programme.
$44* per person Per consulate
Documentation Delivery Cost Incurred subject to location
Frequent Flyer Redemptions
Domestic - Economy Point to Point
International - Economy Point to Point
International - Business/First from
Round the World from
* Applies where cruiseworldwide.travel processes points on behalf of clients. Plus applicable air taxes.

$55* per ticket
$110* per ticket
$220* per ticket
$220* per ticket
Non Commissionable Land Arrangements (Hotel/Car)
Including Frequent Flyer Hotel/Car Redemption requests
$22 per day
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