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Raising the bar – a philosophy of change. In 2004, Avalon Waterways set out to revolutionise luxury river cruising. We have the resources and inspiration to create a new and different kind of river cruise experience – one that would embrace and celebrate the best this unique mode of travel has to offer and take it to new levels of luxury and service.

Our vision was clear – to visit the choicest destinations, cruising through the most magnificent of scenery, exploring history, heritage and culture, all delivered with the ultimate of luxury 5* hotel standard accommodation on board the most modern of ships.
Now, with the youngest, most contemporary fleet of award-winning ships in Europe, Avalon Waterways brings you river cruising at its supreme best. We have taken everything special about river cruising and made it even better – down to the very last detail. Luxurious comfort, an uncompromising level of service, sleek and spacious staterooms, fine cuisine and carefully-crafted itineraries along some of the world’s most beautiful waterways are just some of the reasons why our guests have awarded us a 98% satisfaction rating, and why they choose to return, time after time.