We’ll match any Cruise price you find online within 48 hours of booking with us. *conditions apply

Cruise Price Guarantee

1. The CruiseWorldwide.travel Price Guarantee applies only to clients booking a cruise online on www.CruiseWorldwide.travel

2. If you find a lower rate on another Web site within 48 hours of booking online with CruiseWorldwide.travel, and you meet the criteria below, we will discount your balance to match that rate or if you have already paid in full, refund the difference.

3. You must contact us on 1300 889953 within 48 hours of completing your reservation on www.CruiseWorldwide.travel so that we can verify the cheaper rate. You will need to provide details of the Website where you have seen the cheaper price. It will need to be available for booking at the time you contact us. We will not be able to accept screenshots. Cabins or categories on waitlist will not be eligible.

4. Eligible prices must be for same ship, duration, sail date, cabin category and rate code as booked through CruiseWorldwide.travel.

5. The lower price must be advertised in Australian Dollars and offered for sale via an Australian based website to the general public. The rate cannot be for telesales only, via a promotional code, or through a membership only (closed user group) website. Cruise lines past passenger rates are excluded, as are rates for groups, meetings, consolidator, convention or charter.

6. You must meet all requirements of the lower rate, including, without limitation, residency, regional, and age-related requirements.

7. The CruiseWorldwide.travel Price Guarantee only applies to the cruise fare, inclusive of port charges. Additional items such as air or land components, insurance, shipboard credit, transfers, pre- or post-cruise hotel stays, onboard amenities, gift cards/certificates, cash back, and/or dollars off are not eligible. Taxes and fees are not included.

8. Bookings made within the penalty period of a sailing are not valid for the CruiseWorldwide.travel Price Guarantee. This penalty period is established by the cruise line and charges may be assessed by the cruise line if any changes are made to a booking within the penalty period.

9. CruiseWorldwide.travel reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Cruise Price Guarantee at any time. The decision rendered by CruiseWorldwide.travel is final.